• Patricia-Ann School of Dance

  • Patricia-Ann School of Dance


At PASD we have a fabulous team of teachers all qualified with WWC and First Aid certificate,

Principal-: Miss Patricia Ann Williams

Assistant Principal -: Miss Cloee Legrand

Senior Teacher's -: Mr Bradley Lees, Mr Kenzo Vuibert, Mr Lachlan Broughton, Miss Laura Parra

Junior Teacher's -: Miss Isabelle Walterfang, Miss Aria Morton

Our Guest Teacher's -: Miss Amy Madden, Miss Elise May Watson-Lord, Mr Taylor Diomand Lord, Mr Adam Hedo


In teaching our students the art of dance we also encourage, and select our older more experienced students to become Assistant teachers and learn leadship skill.

All student teachers and teachers are required to attend teacher-training sessions that will result in becoming qualified in teaching dance. This is a great experience, and further enhances career opportunities and their learning of dance.

We now have some of our students who have the experience and passion to run their own classes.  We also have a student helper program where some of our younger students are also starting to learn the art of teaching, these students are always with a senior teacher.